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            Insist on & other; A needle, a lives & throughout; The quality policy.

            Quality is enterprise's life, customer is the god of the enterprise. Enterprises with perfect modern management system and high-quality staff, every moment of the user in the heart, can obtain the survival and development of the enterprise, only the staff careful in quality, is a heart to the user, to achieve the enterprise's commitment, assume the responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise, to achieve the foundation of enterprise existence and value. At the same time, we not only pursue establishing excellent enterprise spirit and culture, in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 and iso13485:2003, 2003 to set up the international standard and so on, and constantly improve enterprise quality assurance system, to regulate corporate behavior and constraints, to provide users to maximize the expected perfect products and services. At present our products have passed CE certification ec, we in the production process of each link are carried out in strict accordance with the management system standard 

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